Meet Robert Rothenberg

Robert Rothenberg is a businessman who lives in Woodmere, N.Y., with his wife, Helene. Robert, who has an undergraduate degree from Queens College and a graduate degree from the Harvard Business School, is a managing member and co-founder of RedRock Real Estate Group LLC. A top real estate enterprise, RedRock owns and operates residential communities in Ohio, Chicago and the greater Midwest.

As RedRock’s principal and sponsor, Robert has forged partnerships that have resulted in the acquisition of more than 13,000 apartments nationwide.

Robert is also heavily dedicated to philanthropic endeavors, paying extra attention to education, outreach and overall aiding the world. His philanthropic undertakings can be seen in many national and international charities, especially in Israel.

In his quest to improve the United States’ relationship with Israel, Robert is an executive board member of the America-Israel Friendship League, an international nonprofit that works to strengthen ties between Americans and Israelis based on shared values. Robert also sits on the board of Isralight, which seeks to use education to bring about a “Jewish Renaissance”; Rabbi Shlomo Riskin’s educational institute Ohr Torah Stone; and Carmei Ha’ir, which uses charitable proceeds to feed the poor in Jerusalem.

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